Cheesy Squid

A packet of cheesey squid from the front

Kanari managed to find this slightly odd cheese-based, squid-flavoured snack in a shop in Tokyo. I have to fess-up to not having actually tried this interesting snack but I have it on the highest authority (Kanari) that it is in fact a rubbery cheese with a squid-product on top. And to top things off they have made it look like some kind of steroidaly-deformed nob!

If the truth be told (as it never should on the interweb) I think Kanari only picked it because it was shaped like a steroidally-deformed thingy… Shame…

Note: Non-visually impared Japanese readers will note the mirror writing going on in these pictures. Yup, iSight flips the buggers horizontally and I haven’t got around to fixing them in GIMP.