Never interact with the media

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

in 1996, a friend of mine (Dan Clegg) and I somehow got caught up in the filming of a really terrible day-in-the-life documentary called Ferry Tales. The relevant section is pasted below. Somehow, we ended up looking like rowdy student’s. Dan and I were staying up because there was basically no where comfy to sleep. Meanwhile my sister (who was trying to sleep) reclined her chair and whacked a sleeping passenger on the floor. The sleeping passenger complained and my sister told him ‘well excuse me, some of us have paid for our seats’… So at 2min 40 sec, the camera cuts to Dan and me and the voice over guys says something like ‘there has been an incident, students intent in partying have disturbed some fellow passengers’… The lesson to me is to stay away from TV cameras and the media in general.