BestBuy pushing the Galaxy Tab

December 5th, 2010

We wandered into the new BestBuy in Croydon (near IKEA where Mothercare used to be). We got through the door and were immediately faced by a stand with Galaxy Tabs to play with. My impression was that it was quite OK but I would rather use an iPad - no contest. The response seemed a tad sluggish (i.e. over four seconds to rotate this web page!) but otherwise it is just somewhere between and iPad and an iPod touch. A member of staff was buzzing round so we asked him about the device. He seemed to be quite sold on the device so much so that he pulled out his personal Galaxy Tab to show us. He gave us a schpeal that I later heard him regurgitating to other shoppers saying that the iPad is restrictive. As an example he pointed out that to get music onto the iPad you have to plug it into iTunes (shock!) but with the Galaxy Tab, you could use Bluetooth to transfer music from your phone... That's great... I would love to see how that pans out syncing a gigabyte of new audio at Bluetooths screaming spead of 24 Mbps compared to USB2.0 at 480 Mbps! If you made your way half way to the back of the shop on the right there was a little stand of Apple products - iPad included.