I found a feature of firefox today that I never knew existed. There are some quick search keywords that you can type into the address bar of the browser to search Google, Wikipedia, The Urban Dictionary etc. I have only tried this in Firefox version 1.0.7 but, the keywords are as follows:

"google " will search Google with

"dict " will search dictionary.com with

"quote " will search Google stock quotes with

"wp " will search Wikipedia with

"slang " will search the urban dictionary with

Not as good as Opera, then? In Opera you only have to type 'g' for google. DC

Interestingly, when I tried "google <search terms>" in Internet explorer, a window pop-ed up telling me about Google "browse by name" which I have never seen before either... A day for firsts! Speaking of which, Reminder Fox is telling me it is Alex's first birthday today (he is crashed out at the moment). Happy Birthday Alex

by JC