I must confess up-front that I am in no way an expert at Poker, which is basically why I went to the bother of collating this information... The following is a summary of ten poker hands with examples. This is intended for the novice Poker player to keep close by during a game to check they are not missing something. I can offer no really useful advice on game strategy except to say that my mate Boris told me stay in for the call and one raise and if you don't have a pair by then, fold...

'Call' : to bet enough to match what has been bet since you last bet
'Raise' : to raise a bet (on your go and usually up to a limit)
'Fold' : Drop out of the hand and cease betting.
Rank Hand Example
1 Five-of-a-kind
Only possible with wildcards. Five Aces beats five kings.
2 Straight Flush
A 'run' (sequence) of five cards in the same suit. A Royal Flush has a high Ace.
3 Four-of-a-kind
Four cards of the same value
4 Full House
Three-of-a-kind and a pair.
5 Flush
Five cards of the same suit (any value)
6 Straight
A run of five cards of any suit
7 Three-of-a-kind
Three cards of the same value
8 Two pairs
Two pairs of the same value cards
9 Pair
A pair of cards at the same value
10 High Card
If no one has anything else then the highest card wins (Ace is highest, then King etc)