The Art of Camouflage

As you can see (or not) I have concealed myself in a wheely-bin This approach is usefull at very short notice; the downsides being it stinks and it’s really difficult to hear what your quarry is saying.

Another easy disguise is the bush! Always check for thorns before entering. (I have been cought-out on occasions.) Dark footwear is always advisable when concealing yourself. White trainers give the game away big time.

I’m still working on perfecting this technique. The feet are the bits that give it away.

A quick wiggle with the hair-grip and he’s in! cars are readily available sources of hidy-holes. Be warned – although this never happened to me, I saw an episode of Charlies Angles when one of them got busted because the driver noticed that the extra 120 lbs in the back caused the car to handle differently.

Trees are another readily available camouflage. Whatch out for pissing dogs and try to keep your quarry in front of your path; otherwise, move around the tree as your quarry passes.