Fullers Brewery Tour - London, UK. April 2009

Everyone getting their High-vis jackets on before the tour

Old enamled Signage

Truck being loaded up with wet spent grain. It goes 150 miles west to farms to produce cattle cakes.

Underneath an old mash tun

The top of an old mash tun. The horizontal copper cylender on the top left is an old Steels Masher retrofitted in 1911

The hopper feeding into the Steels masher

A hot liqour tank

A room full of malt

Shock! Fuller's are using malt extract!

In the hop store

The two malt mills. This is also where they add the brewing salts (gypsum etc)

I think these are conditioning tanks used to store the beer before bottling/casking/kegging

A modern Steels masher

Hopper feeding grain into a modern Steels masher

A modern kettle (copper)

Mission control

Oooh, computers...

Third copper hops - not sure what the little bit of white stuff is.

Inside view of an old kettle (copper actually made of copper)

The door to the micro lab

I think these are conical fermenters. They have cooling jackets and are maintained at 17oC.

The wooden vessel on the left (I think) is an old conditioning tank as would have been used for Porter and the like.

An old open fermenter. The pipes around the outside are for cooling the gyle.

Bottom of a conical fermenter

Kegs and casks

Hogsheads containing Fuller's Brewers Reserve. I actually tasted this 8%+ ABV beer at the GBBF in 2010.

Casks on the conveyor and some being steam cleaned

Directors carpark