Ongoing Projects

Alex and James' Almighty London Pubcrawl

Follows an epic pub crawl begun 2007 and including well over 1000 pubs.

The Janky Jukebox Playlist

Current playlist you can select tunes from for the Janky Jukebox on twitch

Quite Geeky Stuff

Foodledo - A Geeky Grocery Tool 

A perl script that presents a list of potential meals and builds a shopping list based on your selection. Not ready for prime time but I am using it.

The GMC-4 - a 4-bit microcomputer 

Describes a little 4-bit microcomputer that Tatsuya and Kazue gave me for my 35th.


A code project from many years ago to create a fractal generator in Perl.


Editable Games (Khan Academy) 

Games created using the Khan Academy's amazing setup for computer science introductory training.

Farmer crossing a river on Google maps 

A version of the fox, chicken and Corn puzzle that uses the Google maps API as its basis.

Things Related to Beer and Pubs

Fullers brewery tour - April 2009 

I have been on quite a few brewery tours - This is a set of photos taken touring the Fullers brewery in London, April 2009.

De Halve Maan brewery tour - January 2006 

Another brewery tour - from Belgium.


A colection of doodles done on beer mats, news papers and other media found in pubs. Fran takes credit for the majority of this.

Pub Quiz Podcast

A series of pub quizes recorded in South London and presented in Podcast format.

Things That May Come Back From The Dead:

Old blog posts 

I used to maintain a blog where I would keep a note of stuff I found on the internet that amused me. I don't have time any more and the internets have moved on from this type of vain venture but for posterity, here is what I recorded between 2003 and 2010.

Randomly Useful Information

Shithead rules

Rules to the card game called Shithead.


A crib sheet showing the top 10 hands in Poker.


A crib sheet of latin phrases

ADSL tidbits

Random and likely out-of-date information on DSL.

Japanese Products 

Various friends have brought back stuff from Japan over the years. Here are some of the highlights.


Mr Stepney's incredible mexican jumping beans.

Silly Things

The Art of Camouflage

A guide on how to create ad hoc disguises.

Cross Eyes

A flash movie showing a trick I can do with my eyes

Emetic Adventures

A cartoon depicting the capers of a friend of mine and Frans in our youth.

Haircut (Before/After)

A haircut from circa. 2001 - before and after. Another misguided flash movie

Hall of Heads

One of the earliest flash movies I built - and it shows. Lots of photographs of people I have known (taken with a coolpix 0.3 megapixel camera).

Monkey (NSFW?)

A description and fairly graphic flash movie of a wind-up toy monkey abusing itself. Probably not safe for work.


Probably the second ever flash movie I built showing a glass of beer being downed only to immediately fill up again.


A panorama taken from a hill in East Dulwich.

Pong (broken)

A (broken) Javascript that pongs a globe about the screen.


A short flash movie showing how to light a fart (pyroflatulance).

Stu's stag

Curry and fake plastic tits - what all great stag doos are all about.

Tequilla worm in space

A silly flash movie of a tequilla worm.

web pub

A pointless flash movie.

Xcite! Pheromone wipe

The Xcite! Pheromone wipe product.