Ongoing Projects

Alex and James' Almighty London Pubcrawl

Follows an epic pub crawl begun more than five years ago and including hundreds of pubs.

Quite Geeky Stuff

Foodledo - A Geeky Grocery Tool 

A perl script that presents a list of potential meals and builds a shopping list based on your selection. Not ready for prime time but I am using it.

The GMC-4 - a 4-bit microcomputer 

Describes a little 4-bit microcomputer that Tatsuya and Kazue gave me for my 35th.


A code project from many years ago to create a fractal generator in Perl.


Editable Games (Khan Academy) 

Games created using the Khan Academy's amazing setup for computer science introductory training.

Farmer crossing a river on Google maps 

A version of the fox, chicken and Corn puzzle that uses the Google maps API as its basis.

Things Related to Beer and Pubs

Fullers brewery tour - April 2009 

I have been on quite a few brewery tours - This is a set of photos taken touring the Fullers brewery in London, April 2009.

De Halve Maan brewery tour - January 2006 

Another brewery tour - from Belgium.


A colection of doodles done on beer mats, news papers and other media found in pubs. Fran takes credit for the majority of this.

Pub Quiz Podcast

A series of pub quizes recorded in South London and presented in Podcast format.

Things That May Come Back From The Dead:

Old blog posts 

I used to maintain a blog where I would keep a note of stuff I found on the internet that amused me. I don't have time any more and the internets have moved on from this type of vain venture but for posterity, here is what I recorded between 2003 and 2010.

Randomly Useful Information

Shithead rules

Rules to the card game called Shithead.


A crib sheet showing the top 10 hands in Poker.


A crib sheet of latin phrases

ADSL tidbits

Random and likely out-of-date information on DSL.

Japanese Products 

Various friends have brought back stuff from Japan over the years. Here are some of the highlights.

Dr Campbell's Science Demo

A collection of videos demonstrating stuff (of dubious merit).


Mr Stepney's incredible mexican jumping beans.

Silly Things

The Art of Camouflage

A guide on how to create ad hoc diguises.

Cross Eyes

A flash movieshowing a trick I can do with my eyes

Emetic Adventures

A cartoon depicting the capers of a friend of mine and Frans in our youth.

Haircut (Before/After)

A haircut from circa. 2001 - before and after. Another misguided flash movie

Hall of Heads

One of the earliest flash movies I built - and it shows. Lots of photographs of people I have known (taken with a coolpix 0.3 megapixel camera).

Monkey (NSFW?)

A description and fairly graphic flash movie of a wind-up toy monkey abusing itself. Probably not safe for work.


Probably the second ever flash movie I built showing a glass of beer being downed only to immediately fill up again.


A panorama taken from a hill in East Dulwich.

Pong (broken)

A (broken) Javascript that pongs a globe about the screen.


A short flash movie showing how to light a fart (pyroflatulance).

Stu's stag

Curry and fake plastic tits - what all great stag doos are all about.

Tequilla worm in space

A silly flash movie of a tequilla worm.

web pub

A pointless flash movie.

Xcite! Pheromone wipe

The Xcite! Pheromone wipe product.